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Leadership Structure

Qortal is meant to be community-driven. With that said, it is still important that we have some sort of leadership to help manage the development. Qortal will always produce truly decentralized features on-chain so let's not confuse that with the necessary leadership for us to maintain an organized operation. The more maturely we execute development, the more trust the community will have for the core team. Anyone can get involved and work their way into the core team, it is certainly not an exclusive club. We just ask that everyone respect the current dynamics of the situation and build together in a productively coordinated manner. Below is a partial list of the core team. Keep in the mind that have we help from people who want to remain anonymous (even their alias). We'd love to get all the help we can, although strategizing this can be a bit tricky so bear with us! Please reach out to the core team and we'll figure it out!

Known Founders

Please note: there are 19 Founder accounts activated out of the 25 originally intended prior to Genesis. Some wish to have their anonymity respected, and as with the rest of the Qortal Project, we respect anonymity (the same applies for the rest of the list on this page which does not necessarily list all devs and help on board)! Here is the list of known Founders who are okay with their usernames listed publicly:

  • Crowetic
  • G Factor QORT
  • Catbref
  • LOTW
  • Raziel
  • Alfa Warrior
  • T3Q
  • Allyourbase
  • Xander52
  • Qortal Rose
  • Drew M. Peacock
  • Yopilax
  • FDM Dynamics (CHD co-owner)

Current Team Lead

  • Jason Crowe aka Crowetic: he is the man responsible for bringing the QORA community to the project, finding the right developers, investing every penny he had into development, and doing everything he could think of to keep this project moving. He helps coordinate the development with the core, UI, hardware, public relations, and anywhere else that he can assist. He is one of the co-owners of Crowetic Hardware Development: a third-party service selling pre-configured QORTector devices for Qortal’s community. www.crowetic.com

Core Development

  • Catbref aka Cat (Lead Core Developer): he's been with us for years and has built the bulk of the core we see today. He worked alone for the years leading up to Genesis as well as up to the Trade Portal launch. He is still with us today, but due to a lack of funding, he had to take on a 12 month contract and produce income for his household, so he is only available for us part time currently.
  • CalDescent aka Cal (Lead Core Developer): he's been with us since the Trade Portal 'testnet' phase before going live with BTC-QORT trading. He comes to the table with over a decade of experience in various code languages and has eagerly helped us more recently in his spare time. Unfortunately at this time, Cal is the second core developer who only has part time availability for Qortal. His girlfriend is Scythian - who has been helping us with some graphic work (see more info on her below).

User Interface (UI) Development

  • Irontiga: he helped Cat build the user interface infrastructure prior to Genesis. He has been extremely busy with school and has limited availability since Genesis.
  • LOTW: he helped build the basic level of the UI during the first 7 months.
  • AlphaX awesome community developer who has started assisting with the UI, also the developer of https://explorer.qortalnodes.live - has been a TREMENDOUS asset.
  • QuickMythril awesome community developer who has jumped in and started directly assisting with the UI, especially during times there was no other assistance, his work has kept Qortal moving! He has also been a huge help in other areas outside of the UI.

Graphic Design

  • T3Q: he does graphic and video production work as a profession, and is the designer behind the official Qortal 3D icon and logo as seen here on the wiki as well as the Qortal Concepts illustration. See Official Images/Press Kit for all of the images we have available.
  • Scythian: CalDescent's girlfriend who is incredibly creative with her graphic design work. She has produced the images for the background versions, Official Coin, Minting & Leveling infographic, and Trade Portal infographic. She is also designing the graphic work to be implemented in the new UI update!

Marketing & Publication

  • G Factor QORT: he is an avid writer for the project who has helped take lead on the content for the wiki and marketing material such as design work for the official images and posters. He is a close friend of Crowetic and is willing to contribute in any way possible such as hardware operations and public relations. He is one of the co-owners of Crowetic Hardware Development: a third-party service selling pre-configured QORTector devices for Qortal’s community. www.crowetic.com
  • Alfa Warrior: he has played a monumental role in helping us build the base community with authentic sovereign-driven members by conducting podcasts/interviews on his Alfa Vedic platform where they discuss everything from holistic knowledge to blockchain technology (as well as within the Alfa Vedic Discord and Telegram channels). He has also helped with developing the new website!
  • Yopilax: he has been actively involved in growing the community within Qortal’s and third-party Discord servers. He can usually be found in the voice channel in Discord. He has also been playing the role of host for Qortal’s “Fireside Chat” podcast where Qortal founders and other community members will get together every couple of weeks to provide updates on Qortal found here: Interviews/Podcasts.
  • The Sudio: he took it upon himself to ensure the community has a trusted source for bi-weekly updated bootstraps prior to version core 2.0 when it was highly needed. Bootstraps are no longer needing manual maintenance! He continues to assist us with video production.

3D Printing

  • Xander52: he helped design the 3D printed casing for the Gen 1 QORTector device. He has also assisted with computer repair work when Crowetic was unavailable.
  • FDM Dynamics company responsible for the 3D design and development of the QORTector Gen 2 and the QORTable products from https://crowetic.com

Hardware Development

  • Raziel: he originated the idea for Orange Pi and Raspberry Pi hardware to be utilized as nodes for the project. He also played a monumental role in developing important security aspects of the chain which make the infrastructure unhackable!
  • HFactor: he is the lead developer for the QORTable hardware (not to be confused with QORTector) which is a usb thumb drive alternative. He also avidly helps with tech support and has been a huge asset in that regard!
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