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Community 'Leadership' Structure

...and the Qortal Development Group

Qortal is a completely community developed and supported project. With that said, it is still important that we have some sort of 'leadership' to help manage the development. Qortal will always produce truly decentralized features on-chain, and within Q-Apps. Anyone can get involved and work their way into the development group, and eventually even become a Dev Group Admin, by way of being 'voted in' from the community, demonstrating work, and ultimately having the final group_approval to become a dev admin. Below is a partial list of the community development and outreach leadership. Keep in the mind that we have help from people who want to remain anonymous (even regarding their screen names), and we respect that request by not mentioning them on this wiki.

If you are interested in assisting Qortal in building the digital infrastructure of the future by becoming a member of the main developer group, join the community and start developing! You will get noticed and eventually get invited to the developer group if that is something that interests you.

Reaching out to crowetic, Qortal Seth, Justin, or Phillip are the best ways to state your intention to become part of the Qortal Developer group.

Primary Qortal Developers

'Qortal Development Group'

The 'Primary' developers define the role of developers working on the primary Qortal code repositories. (Namely the Qortal Core and the Qortal UI) These developers are the ones doing the majority of the 'heavy lifting' of the project. Primary developers can also include those working on Qortal-focused Q-Apps that are also part of the primary code repositories of the project.

NOTE - The names of the primary developers listed below are either Registered Names or if they are not, then the registered name is listed (in parenthesis). This is done so that on-chain identification is possible for users that wish to send Q-Mail messages, or donations directly to individuals assisting the project.

  • AlphaX - Core / UI - previous lead UI moving to core
  • catbref - Core / ATs - original lead core (built original qortal repo)
  • Cal - Core / UI - core
  • Kenny Java / Core - Kenny has started assisting with core development - starting with wallet work.
  • Phillip (Phil) - UI / Q-Apps - transitioning to lead UI / Qortal related Q-Apps
  • Justin - UI / Q-Apps - qortal-related Q-Apps / development documentation
  • Qortal Seth - Q-Apps / has taken lead on finding new devs / dev and marketing meetings
  • Raziel (Scare Crowe) - Brooklyn Kernel / Hardware

Other Developers

These developers below are working on Qortal directly, however do not submit much in the way of direct code to the core repositories, they develop Qortal in other ways. Such as writing articles, doing interviews, writing documentation, writing automation scripts, and more.

  • crowetic - Documentation / Scripts / Interviews / qortal.link / qortal.org - crowetic is now also starting to assist with his own Q-App development and documenting development journey, helping with the UI, and more.
  • alfawarrior (alfavedic) - qortal.org / community

3rd Party Developers

These developer are referred to as '3rd party' because they are not working primarily on the main code repositories, but are working on Qortal-related software development. Their software is either closed or open source depending on their requirements, and they do not currently work directly on the fully open source Qortal platform.

  • Ido (MintMeister, SYNQ, and more) - MintMeister minting monitor tool, node monitor, and more / Qnect mobile Q-Chat application / more in development
  • Traxo - Mobile Wallet available on google play (QORT wallet only, not including all Qortal features and functionality, only QORT wallet and name registration, uses hosted core so no core is required.) / Exqlorer

Dev Group Admins

There are 11 admins in the Dev Group. For a Core autoupdate to be approved on chain, more than 40% of these admins (currently 5) are required to sign the transaction. The "null account" has no owner and cannot sign transactions.

  • (null account)
  • AlphaX
  • cat
  • crowetic
  • GiseleH
  • HFactor
  • Ido
  • Justin
  • Phillip
  • Raziel
  • Seth
  • kenny

Known Founders

Please note: there are 19 total Founder accounts. Some wish to have their anonymity respected, and as with the rest of the Qortal Project, we respect privacy and anonymity (the same applies for the rest of the list on this page which does not necessarily list all devs and help on board)! Here is the list of known Founders who are okay with their usernames listed publicly:

  • crowetic
  • FDM Dynamics
  • Catbref
  • Alfa Warrior
  • allyourbase
  • LOTW
  • Qortal Rose
  • Raziel
  • T3Q
  • Teiva
  • Xander52
  • Yopilax
  • irontiga
  • G Factor

Contributors and Development Facilitators

crowetic: crowetic is responsible for creation of the original Qortal Development Group, taking over the QORA project, finding the right developers, investing every penny he had into development, and doing everything he could think of to keep this project moving. Crowetic designed much of the overall Qortal model, including the distribution model, rewards structure, and the addition of the 'leveling system' to the CIYAM minting concept. He helps coordinate the development with the core, UI, hardware, public relations, and anywhere else that he can assist. He is founder and co-owner of Crowetic Hardware Development: a third-party service selling pre-configured QORTector devices, laptops, and other custom computers for Qortal’s community. Crowetic Hardware Development also has 'Qortal Development Donations' available in the form of direct donations and donation subscriptions, check out https://crowetic.com and has tech support and soon consulting services available as well.

Qortal Seth: Seth has been instrumental in facilitating new marketing initiatives, assisting with Q-App development, leading marketing and Q-App meetings, and more. Seth continues to be a fantastic addition to the Qortal Community and development group. Seth was also recently added to the developer admins.

Justin: Justin has been instrumental in the development of the Q-App developer documentation website qortal.dev as well as many other Qortal and Q-App related expenditures.

Phillip: Phillip has developed more Q-Apps than anyone else, and is taking lead with Justin and Seth on the addition of new developers and teaching Q-App developers.

Core Development Details

catbref: original core developer who built the primary Qortal Core repository. He worked alone for the years leading up to Genesis as well as up to the Trade Portal launch. He is still with us today, but he is only available for us part time currently.

Cal (Core Developer): Cal has been absolutely essential in establishing the Qortal Core that exists today. He took over the development after catbref was no longer able to work as often on the project, and has done an incredible amount of work on the Qortal Core. He built QDN single-handedly along with many other aspects of the project. Cal is an absolutely incredible and extremely talented developer who loves the project and has been a key player in getting it to where it is today.

AlphaX is the newest addition to those working on the Qortal Core, he has stepped up from his position as 'lead' UI developer and started digging into the Qortal Core. Alpha has done amazing work on both sides of the Qortal project.

User Interface (UI) Development Details

AlphaX: AlphaX is the current lead of UI development and is also the developer of https://explorer.qortalnodes.live - runs multiple qortal-related services, manages multiple qortal 'foreign coin' lite node servers, and much more. Alpha was instrumental in the expanding of the Qortal UI to where it is now.

Phillip: Phillip has been focusing on the development of Q-Chat, and is transitioning to the role of lead UI developer. He is also one of the primary Qortal-focused Q-App developers (Q-Blog, Q-Mail, Q-Shop, etc)

Justin: Justin has also been helping with development of Q-Chat and is learning how to make promotional videos, he has developed extensive Q-App developer documentation, and assisted with a plethora of Q-App focused development. ( see https://qortal.dev )

proto has assisted in multiple aspects of the Qortal UI, currently isn't very active but looks forward to getting back into Qortal UI development.

Irontiga:(INACTIVE) Irontiga was the original Qortal UI developer, built the original Qortal UI application. Was one of the original primary developers of the project. Has been inactive for a few years.

LOTW:(INACTIVE) LOTW helped build the basic level of the UI during the first 7 months post Genesis. Was instrumental in ensuring the Qortal UI development continued after the inactivity of irontiga. However, he has also been inactive in the project for a couple years.

Graphic Design

T3Q: T3Q does graphic and video production work as a profession, and is the designer behind the original Qortal icon and logo as seen here on the wiki as well as the Qortal Concepts illustration. See Official Images/Press Kit for all of the images we have available.

Scythian: Incredibly creative with her graphic design work. She has produced the images for the background versions, Official Coin, Minting & Leveling infographic, and Trade Portal infographic. She built the mock-up design for the dark mode UI version we see today, as well as basic UI concepts for Q-Blog and more.

Sagi: Sagi has been helping with some graphic work for various Qortal-related projects and services.

Kevin: Kevin has been helping with variations of the logo, GIFs, memes, and other fun things.

Community Outreach and Advocates

crowetic: crowetic wrote the majority of the original paper for qortal prior to launch, built the original group of developers to have the project created, and took over the QORA project that was completely re-built and turned into qortal. crowetic has done countless interviews that can be seen here, and is always working on developing qortal in multiple ways.

Alfa Warrior: he has played a monumental role in helping us build the base community with authentic sovereign-driven members by conducting podcasts/interviews on his Alfa Vedic platforms, guest speaking on third party platforms, and speaking in person at events where they discuss everything from holistic knowledge to blockchain technology. He has also helped with developing and hosting the new website!

Yopilax: he has been actively involved in growing the community within Qortal’s and third party Discord servers. He can frequently be found in the voice channel in Discord. He has also played the role of hosting Qortal’s “Fireside Chat” podcast: Interviews/Podcasts.

Positeer: he has been helping with social media marketing and funding campaigns for various marketing efforts!

Lootz: a pirate to the core, loves the qortal project and helps get the word out any way he can. Lootz believes that Qortal is essential to the future of a free and private world, and frequently calls Qortal the 'train tracks' of the future digital infrastructure.

Phillip: Phillip is always looking for ways to add additional developers and dev documentation to the project. Along with Justin and Seth. Phillip is also one of the primary Qortal-focused Q-App developers.

Justin: Justin has taken the lead on multiple marketing efforts and continues to this day to assist with Q-Apps, and adding and training new devs.

Seth: Seth has been instrumental lately in assisting the project overall, and managing multiple community meetings.

3D Printing

FDM Dynamics co-owner of Crowetic Hardware Development and responsible for the 3D design and printing of the QORTector and QORTable cases at https://crowetic.com - FDM is an extremely talented 3D design and manufacturing professional who is constantly staying on top of the newest methods and technology in the 3D design space. He designed the QORTector Gen 2, QORTector-KB, and QORTable plastics, and is currently working on QORTector Gen 3 and Gen 3+ cases for the future releases from crowetic.com.

Xander52: 1) Xander helped design the 3D printed casing for the Gen 1 QORTector device. He has not been very active since Genesis but has donated to the Qortal Devfund.

Hardware Development

Raziel (Scare Crowe): he is the original creator of the 'Brooklyn' linux kernel for the raspberry pi 4, which is what currently powers the QORTector-KB sold at https://crowetic.com. He is the main hardware-level developer for the project. He has also recently developed a new 'headless' image for the raspberry pi 4, that will be made available in the near future.

HFactor: he is the developer of the soon-to-be-released QORTable (a portable Qortal installation that runs on an external SSD) and the primary contributor to the 'raspiMULLET' image that is utilized on the QORTector Gen 2 devices (non-KB) being sold at https://crowetic.com

crowetic: he is constantly prototyping and rebuilding systems, prototyped the QORTector Gen 2 and currently working on the Gen 3, builds laptops for sale at https://crowetic.com to support the community.

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