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Qortal Data Network (QDN)

QDN - Qortal Data Network

QDN (Qortal Data Network) is a Distributed/Decentralized/Encrypted/Chunked Content Distribution Network that is secured by the Qortal Blockchain.

QDN is unlike any other data network in the world, and has many unique features only found on Qortal.

The Qortal Data Network provides the ability to:

  • Host Websites
  • Host Applications
  • Communications
  • Host Public Data
  • Host Private Data
  • Build nearly anything you can imagine

The Qortal Data Network is completely encrypted and chunked - This means that the data transmitted from node-to-node is completely encrypted, and unable to be 'seen' at all by any 'outside methods'. For example:

An internet service provider wishes to 'spy' on the data their clients are accessing. So they put packet capture on, and take that data to analyze. On the traditional internet they can see what sites they are accessing, they can see if they are downloading a torrent, they can see basically everything that is going on within the network's captured data.

On QDN, however, they would not be able to see any of this, the only information they would be able to obtain, would be that there is a connection from one computer to another, sending data (that has no meaning whatsoever) back and forth. They would be completely unable to determine what this data is, who published it, where it came from initially, etc.

This makes it essentially completely unnecessary to run things like a 'VPN' while utilizing Qortal. In fact, utilizing a VPN on the Qortal Network will do nothing but potentially cause connection issues by adding an additional 'hop' between you and the nodes you are connected to. There is literally only ONE arguable 'benefit' from utilizing a VPN in combination with Qortal, and that is that your IP address will not be 'yours', it will be the IP of the VPN server. (But in many cases this isn't necessarily a good thing, as many providers block connections from VPN servers that are known, and this could cause further issues.)

Ultimately, QDN is MUCH more secure than any other data network, and attempting to add 'additional security' to it, is wholly unnecessary.

(this page is in process of being updated, and completely re-written, more information coming soon.)

QDN Details

QDN functions in a similar fashion to that of the 'torrent' network, however, with many additional features and functions that set it apart.

QDN data is by default encrypted, and 'chunked' - this means that the data is by default unable to be viewed by anyone, even if they stole the hard drive from your computer, unless you had specifically clicked that data and viewed it, and did not delete the temporary copy.

QDN Website Hosting

With a single registered name that you own forever and never have to pay any further fees on you can host your website on the Qortal Data Network.

  • Register a name
  • Create your website in 'local static' format
  • Zip the website
  • Publish

That's it! It is possible to convert existing websites to 'static' websites, and publish them as well. (Note, certain websites do not convert as nicely as others. Some do not convert well at all.) There are tools like 'httrack' that can accomplish the static conversion for you.

Once you have a website that is fully accessible from your local computer (folders on your machine) and everything works locally, simply zip that folder with the site files in it, and publish on QDN. From the 'websites' plugin in the Qortal UI, 'publish website' and fill out the metadata fields. It is literally that simple.

Once you have published the site ONCE, as long as at least one other node has accessed it or follows your name, the site will be there indefinitely. No concerns over hacks, no concerns over data loss, and no continual hosting or domain fees involved at all.

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