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Node Monitor

Developer: Ido

Node Monitor is handy tool that shows you the current status of your Qortal node, your minting account and some other info about the network and your system.

You can choose to enable in-app and/or e-mail notifications when certain events are triggered:

  • When your node goes offline, and when it comes back online again.
  • When your node goes out of sync, and when it syncs up again (you decide the syncing threshold value).
  • When your active minting account stops minting, and when it starts minting again (you decide after how many minutes).
  • When your node's connected peers go below a specific number, and when it gains them again (you decide how many peers).

In-app notifications will pop up on the bottom right of your screen when they are triggered and you can read them in the notifications panel in the app. In order to receive e-mail notifications you'll have to setup your mail provider's SMTP settings. Watch the install guide video to learn more https://rumble.com/v17oe2h-node-monitor-install-guide.html

For those of you running the Qortal core on a headless Pi, there's a CLI (Command Line Interface) version which is basically just the e-mail notifier. You can setup the app through an SSH tunnel by running the 'launch-terminal.sh' script, when you are done with the setup you'll run the daemon (background) process from the terminal menu. The daemon will send e-mails when your settings get triggered. The CLI version can only send e-mail notifications. You can download the CLI scripts on the GitHub releases page. Watch the CLI setup video to learn more https://rumble.com/v17ruw3-node-monitor-cli-setup-guide.html

You can instruct the Node Monitor to try and restart the Qortal core once it has detected that your node has gone offline. It is also possible to have the Qortal core shutdown and immediately restart if certain conditions are met. One such example is if your core has been out of sync for more than the specified amount of time. Watch the Qortal core handler video to learn more https://rumble.com/v1b4n5x-node-monitor-qortal-core-handler-update-walkthrough.html

Other features for the non-CLI version include:

-Customizable user interface styles, create your own or load preconfigured ones. -Node sync status, including a time estimation for when your node will be in sync (based on your current syncing speed). -Info about your active minting account, such as blocks minted, balance, level and  level-up estimation based on your current minting efficiency. -Price lookup for all QORT trading pairs and US Dollar.

Get the latest release at:


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