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How To Sponsor


Sponsor: Level 5+ Sponsee: Level 0 seeking sponsorship

Level 5 and higher accounts are able to sponsor level 0 accounts. Level 5+ accounts can sponsor 2 accounts at a time, while Founders can sponsor 5 accounts at a time (this was a community voted decision). Our minter node base is an important aspect of Qortal's infrastructure - please take this ability seriously! Together we are the chain and must work together to build a secure network. Qortal's sponsorship system was founded on the principle that PoW and PoS systems are generally unfair as money CAN equal influence over the network. We do not SELL sponsorships to newcomers and we do not SELF-SPONSOR (sponsoring accounts for your personal use and advantage over the network). Qortal's DevTeam is actually developing a governance system to combat the abuse of the sponsor privilege. You can read more about that on the Minting Governance System page.

The Sponsorship Questionnaire page is available for sponsors to use or help with creating your own form of on-boarding newcomers. Qortal is for all, but minting is not a requirement to use the rest of the system (excluding voting on-chain when live). With that said, please consider who and how you sponsor. And consider the on-boarding experience for your sponsees!

How To Sponsor

  1. Sponsee sends Public Key to Sponsor (it is perfectly safe to share public key and address which can be found in Qortal UI under the Security section - click the gear icon in top right corner)
  2. Sponsor copies Public Key and enters in the Reward Share section of Qortal UI
  3. Sponsor copies the Sponsor Key generated, and sends to Sponsee
  4. Sponsee then pastes the Sponsor Key in Node Management
  5. Sponsee mints 7200 blocks and reaches Level 1 (about 6 days based on 70+ sec block time at the moment - chain is coded at 60 seconds but takes longer in reality)
  6. Sponsee removes the Sponsor Key in Node Management, then follows the rest of the Becoming A Minter guide
  7. Sponsors should regularly check the progress of the Sponsee's blocks minted at Exqlorer.com
  8. Sponsors can message the Sponsee and hopefully fix the node or seek tech support
  9. Sponsors can also remove the Sponsor Key, and then add when the Sponsee's node is fixed
  10. Sponsees do NOT lose blocks minted credit if their node goes offline OR Sponsor removes Sponsor Key
  11. Sponsors MUST remove the Sponsor Key manually when the Sponsorship is complete
  12. Sponsor can remove the Sponsor Key by going to Reward Share section and clicking the red X next to the right of the Sponsor Key
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