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Coin/Token Listings

Just as the platform's original concepts were designed, the Trade Portal's listing of new coins and tokens, is meant to be controlled via vote within the Qortal Voting System. The Qortal Voting System is NOT currently fully implemented. As such, the system cannot be used to handle a community voted listing system.

BTC, LTC, DOGE, RVN, DGB, and ARRR have been listed prior to the creation of the Voting System.

Adding New Assets

Since each coin/token listed on the Trade Portal must have NATIVE SUPPORT and NATIVE WALLET inside the Qortal UI, in order to be traded. Every native wallet for every listed asset has to be built from scratch, for each planned coin/token prior to being implemented and able to be traded. Truly decentralized P2P trades require native local wallets for every asset being traded.

Vote-Controlled Listing System

In the future, the creation of the Voting System will allow community vote-controlled listings on the Trade Portal. Voting will be weighted based on the level of the minting account that is voting. Only minters will be able to vote initially.

Guidelines for Coin Requests

These guidelines will help describe what we look for when adding new coins to the Qortal Wallet and Trade Portal. Our goal is to support projects that align with our values of fairness, decentralization, and long-term sustainability, and that are also technically compatible with our platform.

When suggesting new coins for Qortal, keep in mind both the project's foundational considerations and the technical preferences. These are not hard rules, but aspects that guide us in making decisions that align with our goals. We value your contributions and look forward to exploring your suggestions.

Considerations for Inclusion
When suggesting a coin for inclusion in Qortal, we generally prefer to see these qualities in the projects:

  • No Initial Coin Offering (ICO): We prefer projects that didn't rely on an ICO for launch. This approach helps to avoid the risk of imbalances in coin distribution, single-entity control, centralization at inception, and potential for regulatory issues that could risk the project's survival.
  • No Pre-mine: Projects where all participants had a fair opportunity from the beginning are preferred. This helps to promote fairness, prevent central control, and support a more decentralized coin distribution.
  • Fair Launch: We appreciate projects where everyone had an equal opportunity to acquire coins at the launch, reflecting our values of equity and inclusion.
  • No Proof of Stake (PoS): We generally prefer projects that use consensus mechanisms other than PoS, to prevent potential concentration of power over time.
  • No Centralized Entities: We favor projects that fully embrace decentralization, from project leadership to ongoing maintenance.
  • No KYC Requirements: Projects that respect user anonymity and don't require KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures are preferred, aligning with our belief in privacy and freedom.
  • Privacy Features: We appreciate coins that provide privacy features, respecting the principle of user autonomy and data protection.
  • Long-Term Sustainability: We like projects that are built to last. It's not just about whether there's a cap on the total number of coins, but also whether the emission structure ensures the project's long-term viability.

Technical Preferences
In addition to the project's foundational principles, there are a few technical aspects that can simplify and speed up the process of adding a new coin to Qortal. These aren't strict requirements, but they can make the development work a lot easier:

  • Support for ElectrumX servers: It's easier for us to integrate a coin if it supports ElectrumX servers. Having active servers already is a bonus, but not a requirement.
  • Lite Wallet Server or Public Node: If a coin doesn't have ElectrumX support, a lite wallet server or a public node for the Qortal UI to connect to can be a good alternative.
  • Support for P2PKH "Legacy" Style Addressing: Our existing software is compatible with this style of addressing. Coins that only allow for bech32/segwit addresses would require more development work.
  • Compatibility with Existing Code: Coins that have a java implementation like bitcoinj, libdohj, or altcoinj are easier to integrate into our current code.
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