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Q-Chat is a blockchain-based messaging system that is P2P and serverless. It utilizes a custom transaction type on the Qortal Network, along with a custom memory-based Proof Of Work algorithm (that runs relatively identically in terms of 'speed' on any device) to send real-time messages to individual accounts (P2P) as well as groups. At the moment, Q-Chat is a text-based messaging system with the ability to send files and pictures as attachments published to QDN (publishing files and pictures, as with anything else published on QDN, requires a registered name.)

Q-Chat can leverage Qortal Groups to create 'channels' to message specific accounts within the group involved. Both public and private groups create these 'channels' within Q-Chat by default. Users may 'forward' messages, attach pictures and files (with a registered name), and send messages to any Name, or Address on the Qortal network.

Q-Chat does not 'cost' anything to use, however, in an attempt to reduce the ability to 'spam', Q-Chat requires a balance of 4+ QORT in the address messaging, in order to send messages without a MemPoW-powered 'delay'. Sending messages with an account that contains less than 4 QORT, will take MUCH LONGER, so it is recommended for users that plan to make use of Q-Chat, to maintain a balance of at least 4 QORT in order to message 'instantly'.

To receive messages in Q-Chat, it is not required to be 'actively online', as the messages are unconfirmed transactions, and relayed to every node in the network.

Q-Chat messages are currently 24 hours only and will most likely always be 'temporary'. Longer-term messaging systems like Q-Mail can be utilized for messages which are meant to last 'forever'. Utilizing Q-Chat for short-term real-time communications, and apps like Q-Mail for long-term messaging, allows the best of both worlds, and reduces the unnecessary saving of 'nonsense chat' forever, and wasting space on users' nodes.

The ability for group messages and an 'overall group' called 'Qortal General Chat' (which is in fact, not a group, but available to EVERY user regardless of their account being in a group or not) wherein any Qortal user may communicate freely.

There is no ability for anyone to 'block' anything on behalf of anyone else, anywhere in Qortal. This is the same in Q-Chat. Only individual nodes and users may 'block' other individual users as of Nov 2023. In the future, however, it has been discussed to allow the joining of a group to determine a 'block list' for content deemed 'not wanted' by any account on Qortal. This will allow for the creation of groups that go through and find, label, and tag data, then other groups that apply 'filters' based on those tags.

From Genesis until Nov 2023 and continuing, GROUP MESSAGES ON QORTAL ARE NOT ENCRYPTED. ONLY PRIVATE MESSAGES ARE ENCRYPTED. Group messages are base64 encoded, meaning, they are NOT 'plain text', but they are also not ENCRYPTED. If you are looking for encrypted group messages, use Q-Mail threads. Group encryption IS planned in the future for Q-Chat, but it has not yet been implemented.

Q-Chat was Qortal's first communications application.

The goal of Q-Chat is to provide a TRULY SECURE peer-to-peer decentralized and encrypted method of text-based communication for its users. Q-Chat avoids reliance upon ANY centralized service provider to both run, access, and utilize Qortal, get updates from development, or any other required communications.

More info can be found on the Communications page.

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