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Android Termux

Below is a guide for setting up an Android phone as a Qortal node. Please note: this is not for the average user. If you setup your Android as a node, it will require a lot of resources and potentially burn up your hardware. So please consider if this is a device you can afford to experiment with? Also, the phone will need to be left at home for a steady wifi and power connection, otherwise it will require a good data service plan and battery power supply which is less than ideal. We have two mobile apps in the works that will be much simpler to use, and probably safer. Modifying the hardware as this guide will, is not for the average user to tamper with.

Use at your own risk:

  1. Install Latest Termux Universal from https://github.com/termux/termux-app/releases
  2. Use Android notification to enable Wakelock for Termux
  3. Update all dependencies in Termux:
    pkg update -y
  4. Set a new root password for your Termux install:
  5. Install Handy Tools (we will need later):
    pkg install openssh termux-tools proot-distro -y
  6. Identify your local IP:
  7. Start SSH server on port 8022:
  8. SSH into your phone using the IP address (replace "localIP" part in the following code with the correct IP address):
    ssh root@<localIP> -p 8022
  9. Install Alpine Linux to isolate what is are running from Android:
    proot-distro install alpine
  10. Connect to running Alpine Linux image:
    proot-distro login alpine
  11. Add more surprise tools that will help later:
    apk add openrc openjdk14 tmux git
  12. Open a Termux session to persist our processes if using SSH:
  13. Add a user and group to run qortal server:
    adduser -g -D "qortal" qortal
  14. Switch to newly created user:
    su - qortal
  15. Switch directory to user home:
  16. Download official packed node from Qortal repository:
    curl -L https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/releases/latest/download/qortal.zip --output qortal.zip
  17. Unzip this file:
    unzip qortal.zip
  18. Clone the proper settings.json file:
    git clone https://github.com/DrewMPeacock/TermuxQortal.git
  19. Remove settings file from unzipped folder:
    rm qortal/settings.json
  20. Move the settings.json file into place:
    cp TermuxQortal/settings.json qortal/settings.json
  21. Change to our new qortal directory:
    cd qortal
  22. Start Qortal:
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