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SSH Tunneling

Recommended software for Tunneling: updated Sept 1, 2021

SSH Tunnel Client, free of use, easier then Putty SSH tunneling

It can be minimized unlike Putty. Plus, you can add infinite tunnels this way.

Download the Tunneler from here:


Then from Tunnel Menu, add a tunnel:

then connect it. It will show a lock sign. Means tunnel connected.

open the UI and add your as usual

End of SSH Tunnel Client set up.

Other info using SSH tunneling capabilities :

From @steph06:

In case you want to set-up several nodes for minting redundancy, find here below an overview of the configuration that could be implemented thanks to SSH tunnelling.

It is assumed here that you have one PC in which you have a UI installed and that will be able to communicate alternatively to each one of your core.

If you just have one core to be controlled in remote, you can use the same principle to communicate with, just by keeping the same Source & Destination Port 12391.

Note: Click on the images below for a larger view of the steps and processes.

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