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How To Configure A Node For Direct UI Access (without SSH tunneling)

If it's a private node (i.e. port 12391 isn't forwarded or accessible to anyone outside of the network) then the simplest way is to add this to settings.json:

"apiWhitelistEnabled": false

This will allow all connections to the node, and therefore will allow your UI to talk to it directly.

Alternatively, if you'd like more control over the node's security, you can set a manual whitelist with this setting:

"apiWhitelist": [

The first 2 values allow local access. The third value "" would need to be modified to specify the IP or IP range that is allowed to connect. Remove the /24 if entering a single IP address.

For a regular private node, setting "apiWhitelistEnabled": false is by far the simplest option.

Restart the core after applying any settings, and then add the node's IP address and port via the settings cog on the first page of the UI. After adding the node, make sure to select it in the dropdown list each time you open the UI.

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