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Qortal In A Nutshell

Qortal aims to provide an unhackable censorship-free platform for a new Internet and systems to be built. Local wallets that the individual has complete and sole control over. True peer-to-peer trading. Web hosting and data storage where freedom of speech and trade of information can thrive. Social media safe haven where only admins of their self-created groups can censor and have full control over. Encrypted peer-to-peer chat and video. Qortal dev team has ZERO control over accounts, balances, censorship, etc. It is up to admins of their sub-communities and individuals to engage in the new system responsibly. Qortal does NOT have any intellectual property or centralized properties for legal responsibility. No government or powers that be can do anything about it other than shut down the entire Internet and ISP backbone. Even then, we have plans to implement a mesh network and satellite bridge ISP alternative to remove the need for existing ISPs. With this new sovereignty worldwide, the world can grow together like never before and unify. We often refer to it as collective consciousness and individual sovereignty!

So who controls the codebase of this ambitious project and are there any vulnerabilities? Qortal has a ‘dev team’ who are elected developers in charge of updating the codebase. This is the only ‘centralized’ aspect but a necessary control over the chain to maintain its integrity. Anyone can join the dev team with time and contribution, as nothing within Qortal can be bought out such as account levels and admin privileges. The dev team requires a group approval of 60% in order to update the codebase. This means that an individual dev team member is not capable of going rogue and sabotaging the chain. As time goes on, more devs are added to the team and the group becomes more decentralized so-to-speak. Most of these individuals, who are located in various parts of the world, prefer to remain anonymous and this is extremely strategic as it ensures the codebase could never be overthrown - even if those whose identities are found were kidnapped and ‘forced’ to corrupt the chain, it simply isn’t possible without the 60% approval.

So to recap, Qortal utilizes truly decentralized blockchain technology to provide the world with the freedom they deserve over their non-fiat banking, transactions, speech, information trade, communication privacy, and more. We are only one year into launch, and have a lot to work towards, but all of this can and will be done thanks to the strong community we’ve built and continue to grow (grassroots movement). We’ve done all of this with hardly any funding and developers! The codebase is open source both for the blockchain and the Raspberry Pi hardware which can operate as a stand-alone desktop and blockchain node. Crowetic Hardware Development (CHD) is a new company we are forming to sell these devices to those who wish to simply plug-n-play or want to support the team as CHD will be profit sharing with the developers to help keep development moving. For those more technically inclined, they can buy the hardware themselves and follow the help files we have on the wiki as well as seek tech support in our helpful community chats on Telegram, Discord or our very own blockchain-based Q-chat.

Qortal has its own coin called QORT which is both a service coin to power on-chain services as well as a digital currency which can be used as a form of payment on-chain. Businesses and services can accept whatever cryptocurrencies Qortal supports as payment methods. Qortal will provide a safe haven for a new job marketplace where contracts can utilize smart contracts and make payments in cryptocurrency. Virtually any new, ethical system can be built on Qortal’s infrastructure!

Qortal will implement a voting system where the community will be able to vote on the project’s direction. The account levels and blocks minted will give members a weighted vote. This will allow the community to earn a heavier weighted vote based on time and contribution. Everyone reaches the max level 10 account in time. This will keep the community involved and not force every decision to be left solely in the hands of the dev team. There are so many aspects to Qortal to quickly summarize or include, so I hope this provides a quick glance at the ambitious project aimed to empower the people worldwide to regain control over their lives and privacy! No KYC/AML!

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