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Qortal Project Background Info

The Qortal Project was born of the project called QORA which launched in 2014. Notice the "QORA" within the Qortal lettering in the official logo above?


docs.qora.org documentaion



The takeover of QORA development took place in 2016 with the goal of rebuilding QORA into QORA2 as well as launching Qortal as a clone to be focused solely on a totally decentralized trade portal. However, since the takeover, many things have been modified in terms of overall goals. As of now, the Qortal Project will have the functionality of both QORA2 and Qortal (the original concept of a truly Decentralized Trading Platform). Thus, making Qortal an all-in-one platform with capabilities well beyond that of any existing blockchain system! By combining the ideas of the trade portal with the decentralized application hosting aspects of QORA, Qortal aims to be the most decentralized and scalable platform in existence. Virtually any public or private applications can be built on the chain, therefore, encouraging everyone to come together rather than having any need to compete. The system will reward every contributor to the network based fairly on their level of contribution.



Why did QORA need to be rebuilt? The codebase was a spider webbed mess of code and not friendly for scalability in terms of how it could be designed for developers. Next, the chain itself was already bloated with the on-chain data hosting design as well as an over-inflated amount of coins. To be frank, there were several reasons why QORA was not feasible to build off of. When the current team took over the abandoned project by its founding team, the realization quickly came that QORA needed a complete rewrite and overall redesign. Hence, Qortal! So basically all of the cool ideas were adopted, expanded upon, and so much more added to the master plan than QORA had conceived. Especially removing the Proof of Stake (PoS) that QORA had, as Qortal’s ethos frowns upon PoS which allows money to buy power over the network, and Qortal is all about egalitarianism. We actually aim to never support any PoS systems. Meanwhile all of the terrible design flaws of QORA were casted out, with a total rebuild of the codebase into something with real potential. A fair QORA:QORT transition was made for those who invested in QORA.

Qortal's end goal is to achieve a core system of complete singularity, full ownership by each user, and total decentralization. There are limitless possibilities within a platform such as the concept of Qortal which enables EVERYONE TO BE IN FULL CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS.

Qortal will be an economic system composed of these values, with automated decentralized governance, contribution-based rewards with voting weight. Qortal could dramatically change the world's economic systems by not only merging them into a singular global system, but also providing complete transparency, state-of-the-art security, and honesty behind 'the system' that 'runs the world'. Should there be complete transparency to the world's 'system' and sovereignty for every person in it? The development team currently leading the Qortal Project believe that the answer is yes! We've come together to develop a system which is believed to adequately provide the fundamental base layer of such an autonomous, unstoppable, and unhackable system that could very well prove to run multiple aspects of the world of the future.

Anyone who decides to, can be part of the network where they are rewarded for as much effort as they put in and gain influence in said network accordingly; gaining both a fully transparent weighted vote on all proposals for the future of the system as well as a fair amount of block rewards shared properly with all participants. Welcome to the 'system' of the future world. It begins now and realistically cannot end without loss of power and/or communications throughout the world, at once. Which is why we also aim to provide a mesh-network and satellite program in the near future as well!

There has never been any other concept such as Qortal with a completely custom codebase that makes all of the core concepts possible to achieve. Excitement is building, as the next phases become closer to reality! Anyone can get involved. Together we can fill the voids and develop a solution to many of today's and the future's problems. Join us!

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