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Crowetic Hardware Development - CHD - The creator of the QORTector

CHD is the first company formed with a focus on building hardware specifically for the Qortal project.

CHD sells the QORTector (soon to release the QORTector Gen 3) and rebuilt laptops mean to run Qortal.

Check the website https://crowetic.com for more details and updated information on the releases of new hardware.

CHD now also offers Qortal Development Support Subscriptions for those who wish to support Qortal Development monetarily on a monthly basis. One-Time USD donation options are also available.

CHD has Hosted Nodes available as well, for those who travel a lot and still want to have a node available, or cannot run a node 24/7 for minting, check out CHD Hosted Nodes.

QORTector Gen 2


Rebuilt Laptops

Qortal Dev Donation Subscriptions

One-Time Qortal Dev Donations

Contact information at the bottom of crowetic.com for direct contact.

Website: https://crowetic.com

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