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Crowetic Hardware Development (CHD) is a third-party service providing the community with pre-built QORTectors for those interested. The company was founded in Reno Nevada USA between @crowetic @gfactorQORT and @fdmdynamics. CHD is focused on development of open source hardware and software solutions for the Qortal Project - all of which will never be proprietary and free for everyone to use. CHD has fifteen 3D printers and makes custom cases for the devices and even provides the 3D printing files on the QORTector 3D Printing Files page for anyone interested in making their own case! CHD is focused on providing the community with an easy node setup solution for those less technically inclined, who might otherwise get discouraged. What matters most is adoption of Qortal, which does require every user to setup their own node.

CHD is also about to launch a merchandise store with various clothing items as well as mousepads, banners, flags, stickers, coffee mugs, pint glasses, and more! All of which are manufactured in-house and eventually will be able to offer custom design services along with engaging the community to make whatever else is desired!

CHD is profit sharing 20% to development of Qortal, and is dedicated to furthering the revolutionary project by all means.

Future hardware:

  • Computer boards from other manufacturers besides Raspberry Pi
  • Larger RAM sized boards and performance capabilities
  • Custom boards manufactured specifically for CHD
  • Solar and battery packages
  • Mobile phones and laptops

Website: https://crowetic.com

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