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UPDATE: To no surprise with such a massive project and all sorts of hurdles, things have not gone as planned or been picture perfect. As a result the below information was more more of a target idea we had envisioned. More so referring to having basic trade functions and voting in place with Phase 1. Basic BTC/QORT trade functions were launched in Phase 2 but were too costly and slow. LTC has been implemented in replacement of BTC for trades. BTC and LTC wallets are live. Voting system has not been launched in Phases 1 or 2, and is the next big development after core version 3.0 with public data hosting. Please go to the Qortal Status Updates for the latest news.

Phase 1: Network Launch, Minter Accounts with Leveling, Q-Chat, and Basic Network Functionality.

Phase 2: Trade Portal addition with at least BTC/QORT market. Implementing LTC then implementing the Voting System. (Again, BTC trades have been removed from the Trade Portal. BTC wallets remain.)(Update: DOGE added to local wallets and Trade Portal)(Update: Voting System delayed. Expected to be after 3.0 is launched with free static website & data hosting)

Phase 3: Data Storage, Data Nodes, Data SuperNodes, Rewards for each based on fees paid by users of the storage, and Web Hosting for client side languages.

Phase 4: Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Communication with Rewards and Levels for content creators.

Phase 5: Mesh Network, Satellite Technology, Decentralized Data Service.

Phase 1 Launch Base Features

(items with * are not for sure yet)

  • QORT Coin (main platform ‘coin’)
  • Minter Shared Rewards (reward-share transactions)
  • Minting & Rewards for Securing Blockchain
  • Minter Creation via ‘Sponsorship’
  • Leveling for Minters
  • QORA Asset / Transition at 250 QORA to 1 QORT Ratio (250:1)
  • Custom Web Based UI Platform
  • Simple Account Creation
  • Secure Access Through Local or Hosted Nodes
  • *Code Repo on Qortal Itself*

Features Planned and Status TLDR

Phase 2 Trade Portal: LTC trades are LIVE. Updates in Qortal take place automatically (auto-update feature is another feature that is unique to Qortal) once the official version is approved and tested by the community.

Phase 3 Data Storage, Data Nodes & Data SuperNodes (with Rewards): Most of the back end work is complete. Rules and some UI work needed.

Phase 3 Decentralized Code Repo (on Qortal itself): Hosting the code repo on the platform itself for no reliance upon centralized services for code updates.

Phase 3 Public Decentralized GitHub Repo for Other Projects: Hopefully the first ‘hosted app’ on the platform. Allowing others to utilize Qortal’s decentralized network for their GitHub repos.

Phase 4 Web Hosting: Allowing users to host websites on the decentralized network of Qortal. Utilizing the Data Nodes to store the data. Client Side languages supported first followed by support for Server Side; along with rewards for dedication of both space and computer power.

Phase 4 Blogs/Social Media (with Rewards): Allowing users to post blog posts and be rewarded for the content. Other users can vote on the content and increase the content creator’s level to receive larger rewards and higher influence. This also needs more thought for the details of the system as far as where rewards will come from/counterparts. Modification of block rewards may be necessary during this phase.

Phase 4 Application Hosting: This will be the support for applications hosted on Qortal; will require details regarding how every aspect will function as well as how server side hosting and sharing of CPU power/data required will take place within the system.

Phase 5 Mesh Network/Satellite Technology: Internet data service that is truly decentralized and utilizes mesh network and satellite technology to connect the world! To be discussed!

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