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MintMeister App

Developer: Ido

MintMeister is a utility that can be used to extract and analyze data from the Qortal blockchain. It is meant to give you info about the entire network whereas the ReQorder App is meant to give you info about specific addresses you're interested in - with notifications about specific occurrences.

You can create a list of all existing minters and browse that list to discover more about each minter. Things like minting performance, current level, leveling estimation, name, address and more can be explored. There's also the option to view up to 50 upcoming level-ups for each level.

The charts section allows you to plot the collected data into either pie-charts or line-charts providing some insight into the current state of the Qortal network, as well as its progress over time.

The names section allows you to extract all registered names from the blockchain. You can use the names list to find out which names have already been registered. You can also discover more about each name, such as the time it was registered, the name's owner (address) and how many other names the address that provided the QORT for the name registration fee is likely to have registered.

Your core needs to be reachable in order to make API calls, the node monitor section allows to you keep track of the status of your Qortal node. You can see the chain height, your node's current block height, your core's uptime and build version. Info about connected peers and your minting account is also available.


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