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Most Common Questions

Official Website: https://qortal.org/

Official Qortal Core download link: https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases

Official Qortal UI download link: https://github.com/qortal/UI/releases

Qortal Block Explorer link (community provided) https://exqlorer.com/

Qortal Official Discord (be sure to click the green check mark at bottom of the #welcome channel message to gain access to the full Discord): https://discord.gg/WyMyB3dNKY

Qortal Official Telegram (general chat): https://t.me/qortal_official

Qortal Official Telegram (tech support): https://t.me/qortalchat

Qortal Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Qortal_official

Qortal Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Qortal_official

QORTector Device Images link (under construction)

Use bootstrap when you want to speed up database synchronization or when your core is stuck at some height. All trades must be canceled prior to bootstrap update.

NO PRE-MINE (chain starts at 0 QORT)

Project is called Qortal. Qortal's coin is called and listed on the trade portal as QORT.

Becoming a minter will require Sponsorship - this period is 7200 online blocks with a Sponsorship Key assigned.

Account must be level 5 or higher to sponsor (can sponsor up to 5 accounts at once)

Sponsorship requires the assignment of the Sponsorship key created by a level 5+ minter, assigned to any node.

Node has to be online for 7200 blocks or 5 days (at the approximate rate of 60 seconds per block) if online the entire time (so may take longer than 5 days if node is not online and synced for every block)

After 7200 blocks (about 5 days), a ‘self share’ or 'minting key' is created by the user reaching level 1 with the use of their own public key (reward share - copy public key - create new reward share - paste public key - add - the new key that pops up is your minting key) (details on the bottom)

You can register only one name per account, so 1 account = 1 name.

Name registration will cost you 0.001 QORT

No Total Cap on QORT coin, every ‘6 months’ there is a decrease in block reward from its start at 5 QORT, by .25, until 2 QORT is the reward. Thereafter, a vote can be made with the suggestion of an increase or decrease of 0.25 to 1 QORT difference per block via vote, however, this type of vote can only take place one time per ‘year’ (in blocks). For example, if the current block reward was 3 QORT, the vote could only be: 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75 & 4 QORT. (Only up to a 1 QORT difference up or down or any 0.25 increment between.) Block reward can only be voted to as low as 1 QORT per block, or as high as 5 QORT per block. These are the minimum and maximum block reward range Qortal will EVER potentially see. We are currently at 4.75 QORT per block. See Block Rewards & Distribution for more info.

Average 60 second block time (1440 blocks per day): no blockchain is ever 'exact' with their block time, and Qortal's algorithm is not either. This is why we say average or approximately because it decided by an algorithm which is much more accurate than a lot of other chains. For security against 51% attacks, it gives more weight to the higher leveled accounts in terms of actually being the block signer which also determines the time to mint the next block. As a result, the algorithm is much more secure and as the number of nodes grows over time, the vulnerability for a 51% decreases. In fact, this infancy phase of Qortal is really the only time of the chain's most vulnerable state, but even then, it would take nearly all high leveled accounts to work together to successfully execute a 51% attack which is exactly why the Founder accounts are given the highest leveled accounts with more influence over the network initially. This is also why it is so important to sponsor people we feel are seeking sponsorship for the right reasons which will allow us to continue to grow our trusted number of ethical nodes.

1440 blocks per day = 7200 QORT per day issued every day @ 5 QORT (FOR THE CHAIN AS A WHOLE). So 4.75 QORT equals 6840 QORT per day currently!

What you earn is based on how many people you share with your account level bracket. Read here for more info on how this works: Block Rewards & Distribution

QORA forgers will be minting-enabled (does not require sponsorship) - their level will be determined by the number of blocks they forged on QORA chain

If you burned QORA prior to the final burn date, you will automatically become part of the QORA transition. All you need to do is login with the account's seed from QORA, in Qortal.

QORA forgers will start at a level between 1-5. (Level 5 is the max starting level for forgers.)

Level 1+ can mint

Level 5+ can sponsor

URL http vs https: Qortal does not need SSL (which is the S in https) when you are connecting to Qortal's UI. You only need SSL when you are connecting to another computer. There is no information leaving your browser when you access Qortal's UI http address as data is only pulled FROM the server and loaded, but nothing is sent back from your computer to the server. So SSL is entirely not necessary in the particular case of accessing Qortal's UI via web browser to Crowetic's community node.

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