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Pre-Configured QORTector Setup

Below are the steps for setting up your pre-configured QORTector:

Important: Do NOT run the QORTector if fan isn’t running after powering the device! The fan needs to be running to prevent the board from overheating.

Basically plug everything in, configure wifi if you’re not using Ethernet, let it sync.

Login is username: Pi Default password: dmax911e

To change password, open terminal and enter: passwd

Then enter your new password!

Add your account with your backup file (http://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=account_recovery_backup_file).

Here are two videos Crowetic made for setup:



If your device doesn’t have latest UI version, open terminal, run this command: ./update-qortal-ui.sh

(Press ‘y’ and ‘enter’ the couple of times as prompted. It may ask you a few times to delete a few files - just enter ‘y’ and proceed. The update will begin. It may appear that nothing is happening but be patient and wait for the ‘BUILD COMPLETE’ message. This is confirmation that the update is finished which you can then close the terminal!

Always tell QORTector to shut down from the menu option, don’t use the power switch. Power switch should only be shut off after the device powers down to protect it from surges, but with that said, you should have a surge protector or UPS (battery power supply) regardless as the QORTector is intended to stay running 24/7.

setup your QORTector for your locale and Wifi country

In order to configure the QORTector for your locale… you will need to use 'raspi-config'.

You will need to configure your localization options to ensure your wifi locale and your timezones are set correctly.

sudo raspi-config

in terminal.

That will open a program with some configuration settings. The first one you will need to set is your 'timezone' - go through the wizard and select your timezone.

localisation options - configure timezone

localisation options - wifi localisation

Then you will want to configure the Wifi localization for your country, select that option and configure your wifi locale.

push okay, then when it asks you to restart now, cancel, and do the following to restart safely…

cd qortal


sudo reboot

notes to remember

1. The QORTector is setup to automatically start the Qortal Core in the background, this means you will not see the Qortal icon on the taskbar of the device, it runs in the background. When you restart the device, always remember to stop qortal first, as shown above.

The device was configured this way so that the Qortal core will start whether the user connects a monitor or not, you CAN configure it to start with a .desktop file so that it will show the icon on the taskbar, and there is a script for that available on crowetic's github. https://github.com/crowetic/qortector-scripts - there is a .desktop file there with instructions. You can also ask in the Qortal telegram or Discord for assistance.

2. The QORTector must be setup for your specific country locale for wifi and timezone, if you wish to use wireless communications. Follow the instructions above in order to configure the device for your locale. We will start configuring the devices for US locale by default, but the majority of them have been shipped with UK locale since company start.

3. If you have ANY issues whatsoever, please reach out in the Qortal Tech Support official telegram channel, and we will provide solutions for you.

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