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Qortal Matrix Suite

Username Qortal Matrix has been developing a suite of applications for the community to enjoy! They are listed below in alphabetical order and can be found in the Qortal UI under Websites. Please note: due to the evolving development of the Matrix Suite, you will find dated entries below the list of apps/sites being built (from newest to oldest). Also note that these updates are pasted from messages written by @Qortal Matrix.

Matrix Suite

  • After Effects - a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application. Unpublished - QDN limitations at present time; Development Alpha
  • API - a Qortal API developers tool to be used later on in QDN's development.
    • Billiards - a fun pool hall game
  • Card - a payment processing and account services concept mock-up.
  • Chart - a visual chart tool to show all Qortal metrics. From Qortal nodes, websites, users, and more. To QORT price, trading data, and more. Published - Development Beta
  • Codebase - a Live Code editor built for Qortal. Published - Development Beta
  • Crawler - a real time app that crawls all Qortal websites, apps, avatars, and all content. Primarily looking for illicit or adult content to feed the Qortal App “Globe”. Unpublished - QDN limitations at present time -Development Alpha
  • Crawlers - will identify illicit or adult content on Qortal as they are published or updated. You can then identify these nodes in RED. At that time you have the ability to ignore these nodes and ensure the activity of these nodes never touch your node. Some crawlers will be modified to crawl for different use cases. Published - QDN limitations at present time; Development Beta
  • Decrypt - a tool to decrypt data without having to publish the encrypted HTML generated by “Encrypt” to Qortal. Offered as an ease of use tool for people wanting to share p2p encrypted files quickly over the Qortal Network. Unpublished - Development Beta
  • Economics - a visual representation of Qortal Economy. Unpublished - QDN limitations at present time; Development Alpha
  • Encrypt - a proof of concept p2p encrypted file sharing tool. Encrypt anything and share it with friends or family 100% over the Qortal Network. Can be used for self hosted data or shared. Published - Development Beta
  • Fan - a platform to encourage decentralized serviced-based commerce on Qortal. The functionality will mimic the centralized “FansOnly”. The value system that powers “Fan” will be QORT. You will pay and be paid in QORT. Published - MockUP Login ONLY - QDN limitations at present time; Development Alpha
  • Flight - a flight simulator adapted for Qortal. Unpublished - QDN limitations at present time; Development Alpha
  • Fund Me - a crowd funding type Qortal Website to help track backing for Qortal Matrix. Published - Development Beta
  • Game of Life - a Qortal adaptation of John Conway's Game of Life; a single player game invented in 1970 by Cambridge mathematician John Conway. Published - Development Beta
  • Globe - a visual 3D globe to map Qortal websites and the nodes that host them in real time. Keep in mind that some nodes use VPNs so their actual location may be different.
  • Minecraft - a popular game adapted to Qortal. Published - QDN limitations at present time; Development Beta
  • Illustrator - a vector graphics editor application . Unpublished - QDN limitations at present time; Development Alpha
  • Joshua - an Artificial intelligence, Games, and Qortal adaptation project. The direction of “Joshua” is fun as a game and serious as Strong AI implementation. Consciousness, self-awareness, sentience, sapience, etc.; the keys to creation of true artificial life form. The Road-Map for “Joshua” is not clear but full with lots of potential. Published - Development Beta
  • Library - a library to host as many digital books on Qortal that can be sourced. Published - Development Beta (see below on 3/14/2022)
  • Melody - a music visualizer with future goals to become a decentralized music hosting service. Published - Development Beta
  • Mesh Network - dedicated to the study and development of the Qortal Mesh Network. Primarily focused on hardware mesh bridge devices to establish a ISP’less Qortal Network; a truly decentralized internet with no centralized broadcasting mechanism. Published - Development Beta
  • Minesweeper - a classical game adapted to Qortal. Published- Development Beta
  • Monero Wallet - a Monero wallet generator on Qortal. Published - Development Beta
  • NFT Market - a NFT marketplace hosted on Qortal with a custody protocol with "Encrypt". Published - Development Beta
  • Note - Qortal alternative to MS Word or Notepad. Published - Development Beta
  • PacMan - a classical arcade game adapted to Qortal. Published - Development Beta
  • Paint - a Qortal alternative to MS Paint or Sketchbooks. Published - Development Beta
  • Paper - a Bitcoin paper wallet designed for Qortal. Published - Development Beta
  • Parlay Cash to ARRR and QORT. QORT and ARRR to Cash. (see below on 3/5/2022)
  • Photoshop - a Qortal adaptation of a popular image modification software. Published - QDN limitations at present time; Development Beta
  • Pirate Arrr - real treasure hunts (see below update on 3/3/2022)
    • Pool - a decentralized mining pool
  • Premiere - a timeline-based video editing application. Unpublished - QDN limitations at present time; Development Alpha
  • Price - a QORT price tool to help manage your QORT portfolio. Small functions for now. In the near future this will host some advanced functions to assist you in managing your book. Published - Development Beta
  • Qortal AI - a AI based service to interactively assist Qortians in all matters of Qortal in real time. The interface is an easy to use “Chat” type environment. Getting help and information is fluid and organic. For onboarding of new adopters or seasoned Qortians. Published - Development Beta
  • Qortal OS - a Qortal DESKTOP OS environment
  • Qortal Snake - a classical arcade game adapted to Qortal. Published- Development Beta
  • QorTetris - a classical arcade game adapted to Qortal. Published - Development Beta
  • Qortoshi - a game designed for Qortal. The main character is “QorToshi”. A decentralized freedom character that goes on adventures to battle centralized power and dishonest crypto projects “ETHERUM” represented in QorToshi V.1 Published - Development Beta
  • Resources - a media library to host Qortal Resources like logos and media kits. Published - Development Beta
  • Slot - a slot game with QORT
  • Theater - a movie library on Qortal. FREE to use by everyone.
  • Tic Tac Toe - a classical arcade game adapted to Qortal. Published - Development Beta
  • Tools - Qortal desktop tool set for the Qortain on the move. Includes Notes, Clock and Calculator. Published - Development Beta

April 16th 2022

Billiards: a pool hall game.

Chart: QORT price, volume, and more info in chart format.

Pool: a tool that leverages the power of Qortal infrastructure to bring the world a TRUE decentralized mining pool. NO Fees and FREE to use for alll Qortians. All mined rewards of Bitcoin , Litecoin, Doge and Monero mined through Qortal Pool will be evenly split among all active miners at the time of solving of specific block reward. Minus the 25% that goes to the specific miner who’s RIG actually solved the specific block. Pooling hardware among all Qortians makes for a stronger Qortal. Qortal powered mining pools makes for a TRUE decentralized mining pool. Drop out of Centralization and get Qortal. Example: What happens if 20 Qortians are on the Qortal Bitcoin Pool and we solve a block? • Current BTC-USD = 45,758.50 • Qortian who’s Rig solved the block = $9,151.7 • Every other Qortian in the mining pool gets $1,926 What but I am CPU mining on the same laptop I run Qortal core on. Yup…collect that $1,926 in BTC and buy me a cup of coffee please. Does not matter if you are mining on a small usb type miner or huge mining farm. A true community working together for each other. Once you do start reaping the rewards. Never forget what made all this possible ….Qortal!! Show some love on the trade portal #QORT and send Matrix some funding to make Qortal Pool better.

Qortal AI: updated - the start of merging all Qortal Wiki content onto “qortal ai”. This will allow the AI to pull answers from the Qortal wiki to better assist any Qortian in need of information.

Qortal is so much more than code or a platform. It is a unification mechanism of like minded individuals and even business entities. A collection of ideas, agendas and initiatives manifested into action. Limitless capabilities through the power of TRUE decentralization. Coming together to create a decentralized super organism .Nothing is beyond our grasp through this hive like unity. Nothing in the crypto space is more economically powerful than being able to reap the block rewards of Bitcoin. We start stacking the Bitcoin block rewards as a pool of Qortians. Economically the sky is the limit . Roll that Economical power into Qortal development and our capabilities grow even further. The evolution of a decentralized dynasty is born.

.OS: “ now live on Qortal; a Qortal operating system built for Qortians by Qortians on top of Qortal. Linking and bridging all aspects of Qortal into a DESKTOP OS environment.

Needing some feedback from all you think tank type Qortians.

What do you want to see on “.OS”? What functions and features are a must for your perfect DESKTOP OS? What questions am I not asking right now? Ask it then answer it…then let’s add it!!

March 16th 2022

In the Spirit of starting somewhere. Here is “Card 💳”. A conceptualized QORT and Qortal payment processing and Account/ Card Services mock-up. Imagine walking into your local retailer and being able to swipe your QORT platinum card for goods and services. On vacation and need to quickly get from QORT to cash? Obviously we are a long ways from that. We will need much more ground work and collaboration with specialist in the banking and finance sectors that lean into Qortal. Making friends with Banks and Finance operations would service some exciting possibility such as QORT Debit and Credit Cards. Even QORT to Cash instant transfers.

Would love to hear from some Qortians in the bank and finance sectors for some feedback and insight to make these concepts a reality. We here the words “Off ramp” used a lot in reference to Qortal. People are ready to leave behind the old system to the new “Qortal”. Transitioning society to Qortal will be tough. Many are so dependent of the current system is would be very difficult to free them. Tools like “Card 💳” could bridge that gap to help transition mainstream onto Qortal.

“Card 💳” could be the onset of a concepts of decentralized banking that can intersect with the centralized banking and payment systems. I am all about leaving the old systems behind. At the same time we are all still dependent on centralized systems. We must have tools to bridge Qortal to these systems without the centralized middle men . Go directly to the source of big banking and finance and bridge the gap. Many of you might not like this idea or think it is not possible. Many major banks are already dealing in Bitcoin and crypto. Take a look at “Card 💳” @ Qortal UI/ Websites/Card 💳

March 14th 2022

“Library 📚” is now LIVE on Qortal . Starting off with “My Inventions by Nikola Tesla”. Soon to host millions of books. The ability for any Qortian to add to books to “Library” is top of the priority. Together we can build the largest decentralized knowledge base in existence. Just imagine a collection of all human knowledge in one place for FREE. Books. Overview, Scholarly Books, Monographs, Textbooks, Anthologies, Dissertations, Articles, Documents and Reports , Archival Materials, Graphic Novels! Anything and EVERYTHING to build a new decentralized world.

March 5th 2022

A very low level adaptation of “Parlay” is on Qortal @ Qortal UI/ Websites/ Parlay. Cannot stress the low level of adaptation in this very first publish. The methodology will change completely. It will have to be reworked from the ground up. The transactions will be managed and powered 100% on Qortal. Taking from the methodology of Qortals trade portal to create truly trust-less and decentralized “Parlay”. QDN will need to reach a much higher level of maturity to achieve these goals. Will take time. Off to a good start. Some other concepts come to mind to meet some more functions that will be released shortly. Bringing Arrr trade and commerce to Qortal sooner than later. Waiting on advanced functions of QDN to make advanced function on “Parlay” is one thing. We can arrive at simple solutions for Arrr on Qortal with some out of the box thinking. Striving for some use case examples of Arrr on Qortal within the next week or two. Published directly to Qortal as they become complete.

March 3rd 2022

Ahoy! You old salty buccaneer’s flying the Jolly Roger. Take a look at “Pirate Arrr” an unofficial Pirate Chain Qortal website/APP. @ Qortal UI/Websites/Pirate Arrr . Real Treasure hunts are about to take place on “Pirate Arrr”. With REAL Treasure QORT-ARRR-LTC-BTC.

Yo ho ho!!… All of you Pirates that are in the Pirate Chain discord and Social areas. Share this information. The next update to “Pirate Arrr” will have REAL treasure to be taken by the first swashbuckler to find it.

The Next update to “Pirate Arrr” will have the keys to a coffer full of REAL spendable digital gold.

The update will happen in the next 6 hours. Climb up to the crow's nest and keep eyes open for the update…. Savvy?

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