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Current Qortal Status

This page will contain the updated information regarding the current status of the Qortal project, any known upcoming additions, and important information to be aware of.

Most Important Currently

As of August 1st 2021, Qortal now supports DOGE both in local wallets and on the Trade Portal! RVN then ARRR are next prior to going to community to vote on coins to implement next. We have since decided against DGB implementation due to lack of community and lack of Electrum servers. Sponsorship system modification, voting system, and data hosting are on the priority list as well.

As of June 2021, dev team is also focusing on implementing changes to the sponsorship system to combat the gaming and strengthen its integrity. Soon after, implementing more coins into the wallet/trade portal as well as data hosting will likely be next to work on (Phase 3 to begin). Voting system to be discussed.

As of May 2021, Qortal consists of Cross-Chain trades with Litecoin, in the Trade Portal. BTC wallet exists but BTC trades are not live in the Trade Portal.

Q-Chat is live. It is extremely under-developed so please bare with us as we get this massive project going!

The mainnet Genesis block was launched on 6/29/20. The basic Trade Portal was launched on 8/6/20. BTC trades were too slow and expensive so LTC was implemented. BTC trades have been removed at this time. BTC and LTC wallets remain an on-chain feature and secure way to store these coin! Voting System is the next big development to be implemented. Then the community can vote on things like what changes to make on the Sponsorship System and what coins the Dev Team should implement next on the Trade Portal.

The next big development will be the Voting System. Thereafter, Qortal will be able to be truly community-driven as it has always been intended to be!

What else do we have now?

Authentication System: Qortal's authentication system (which is currently utilized for obtaining the authorization by which transactions may be carried out on behalf of a specific Qortal account). The authorization system does not require a centralized database and does not send any private information that could be utilized to gain authorization over an account if the information is ever sent anywhere outside of the local machine running Qortal. This means that the authorization system has no centralized oversight needed and as such, is much more secure than a typical centralized authorization system that we see being utilized with nearly every service on the Internet.

When utilizing the Qortal authentication system, a centralized service provider may allow any Qortal user to utilize their centralized service, WITHOUT the need to create an 'account' within the service itself. Any Qortal user (unless decided by the service provider to only allow certain users which is also an option by way of the existing 'groups' system) may make use of the service, without any need for any other account creation and subsequent need for remembering user/password for each individual provider (like we have with the Internet currently.)

Soon to come:

Future Options (applications and UI plugins): The options below could be built now to be utilized on the Qortal Network. These options could be built by any member of the community in coordination with the current lead developers or on behalf of a partner built for them by the current lead development team. With a small amount of effort the following ideas may be created within a short time. Qortal-Authorized UI Plugins: Using the method described above and the EXISTING UI, a plugin that would be self-installed after the initial UI installation could be created. This plugin would show up just like all of the 'default plugins' in the UI, but would do so after being installed by the user looking to make use of the plugin.

Qortal 'App Store' (future option): 'Non-default plugins' made by any user or service provider (meant to be inside the existing UI) could be published in a Qortal 'app store’. The apps allowed to be displayed as 'approved' will be voted on by the Qortal Network users. A 'private' app could also be created for government or internal company use cases.

Qortal-Authorized Web Apps: Should any developer decide to, they may create a web application making use of Qortal as authentication. Any application that requires authentication for users to accomplish actions within the app could utilize Qortal for said authentication. Just as the applications that make use of other blockchains do, they may make use of Qortal in a similar fashion. The application could be built without the need for registration, storage, and verification by centralized means.

Misc. Information

Updates to this page will always include a date, so that the relevant information will be dated for reference by anyone coming to view it.

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