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Where do I find my public key and address? In the UI, there's an info symbol ( :gear: ) in the top right corner. Click on the symbol, then you will see your public key and address.

Does anyone know why a level 5 account from QORA wouldn't be minting? I'm receiving rewards from my previous QORA holdings, but it says 'not minting'. You must sponsor yourself by entering your public key into Reward Share, then entering the Reward Share key into the Node Management section where you “Add Minting Account”.

If I have a minting enabled account, should I reward share myself with share percent of 100%? No. Keep reward share at 0% because this is a self share. Reward Share is when you sponsor people and you decide to share your reward with them, so set it to whatever percentage you want to share (if you desire).

Guide on how to assign minting key:


*After 7200 blocks (about 5 days), a ‘self share’ or 'minting key' is created by the user reaching level 1 with the use of their own public key (reward share - copy public key - create new reward share - paste public key - add - the new key that pops up is your minting key) in details:

1. Open the UI 2. Click on the Node Management Section on the left navigation column. 3. You will see a section on the main panel called “Node's minting accounts”. It has a “minting account address” and a “recipient account address”. Under “Action” in red you will see “REMOVE”. Click on that to remove your Sponsor. 4. Click on the section called ‘Reward Share’ on the left navigation column 5. Click the settings toggle at the top right of the UI, and copy your public key. 6. Click ‘Create New Reward Share’ right underneath the settings Toggle at the top right of the UI. 7. Paste your public key into the box that comes up, do not change anything else, click ‘add’. A message saying ““Reward Share Successful!”” Will be displayed. 8. A new window will pop up with a new key, right click on it and copy that key. This is your minting key. 9. Click on the Node Management Section on the left navigation column 10. Click ‘add minting account’ 11. Right-click Paste the key and click add. You should see “Minting Node Added Successfully!” If not it is because you have not yet removed the previous Minting Account 12. Notice your sponsor that you are now on your own key (so that he can release a new one).

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