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Sending Coin To/From Exchanges

If you are sending BTC/LTC from a third-party wallet to Qortal, you’ll need to make sure you are sending to your Qortal BTC or Qortal LTC address which is NOT the same as your Qortal QORT address. You have three different wallet addresses:

  1. QORT
  2. BTC
  3. LTC

So make sure you are using the correct BTC/LTC address in Qortal which can be found in your wallet section after selecting the Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet.

If you are attempting to send BTC/LTC from your Qortal wallets, you may need to use the legacy style P2SH address to send from Qortal. This may also be needed when sending coin to Qortal if you get an invalid address message while attempting to send coin to Qortal.

For example, when sending LTC from Qortal, Binance does not require a P2SH conversion, but Coinbase does. If sending LTC from Coinbase to Qortal, put your Coinbase address here to convert, then you can send LTC to Qortal: https://litecoin-project.github.io/p2sh-convert/

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