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Welcome to The Qortal Wiki

This page is the location for information regarding the Qortal Blockchain Platform.

Qortal's coin is called QORT. It will be used to power on-chain services and can also be used as a form of payment for the future e-commerce new web built on Qortal’s alternative infrastructure. QORT is meant only for Qortal so there are not any plans to list on other exchanges.

We are focused on community development and contribution. Qortal's 'mainnet' Genesis block was launched June 29th 2020 - so the chain is very new and we have a lot of work to do. Trade Portal was first launched August 6th 2020. Please bare with us and remain patient as we want nothing more than to get the project further developed and to a point of simplicity with ease of use! We have experienced a lack of funding and as a result, development has been much slower than we would've liked. Nonetheless, we are pushing on and all of this will come to fruition in due time!

Please study the available information here and be sure to 1) save your passphrase or backup file belonging to your account to an external location as there is no account recovery with Qortal, 2) your public key and address are perfectly safe to share with others BUT NEVER SHARE YOUR SEED PHRASE as this is your master password to your account, 3) NEVER SHARE YOUR DATABASE unless you remove your private keys or you will expose vulnerable information!

We look forward to bringing this project to life after many years and much struggle, so that you can see what our ideas are for the most advanced and useful blockchain in the world.

Qortal Core and UI Downloads

https://qortal.org - go to downloads for links to UI and Core, or…

https://github.com/qortal/qortal/releases - for the core (exe for windows, zip for every other OS)

https://github.com/qortal/UI/releases - for the UI (find the installer for your OS)

Please Note:

You can use the sidebar links to the left of the Qortal Wiki to navigate through the different pages.

This wiki will see continuous updates as the project develops. You can always check the bottom of each page to see the time stamp and name of the author who updated the page last.

Please go to the Qortal 101 page to begin learning more about the project!

You can use anything in the Official Images/Press Kit which has the official images for marketing material.

See the Official Links page for the Qortal Official Links outside of the wiki!

Everyone should read Qortal In A Nutshell for a quick overview and What is the Qortal Project? for a more in-depth read!

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