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Wiki Site Updates

This page will contain the updated information regarding updates to the wiki. Notifications are also posted in Discord (channel: #wiki-site-updates), Telegram (pinned messages in both General Chat & Tech Support) and Q-Chat.

August 17th 2023

May 22nd 2023

  • Removed notes to set topOnly & bindAddress as they are no longer used. Also updated any settings recommendations to account for the current defaults.

April 18th 2023

April 14th 2023

March 31st 2023

March 11th 2023

February 14th 2023

November 16th 2022

October 21st 2022

October 16th 2022

September 15th 2022

  • Port Forwarding page has been updated with new instructions based on recent findings

September 6th 2022

  • Q-Chat page first two paragraphs updated with more information
  • Donations page now has ARRR address added

August 17th 2022

August 5th 2022

July 26th 2022

July 25th 2022

July 22nd 2022

July 21st 2022

July 17th 2022

June 23th 2022

May 27th 2022

May 2nd 2022

April 17th 2022

April 16th 2022

April 11th 2022

April 6th 2022

March 16th 2022

March 15th 2022

  • Qortal Matrix Suite updated with Library, Parlay, and Pirate Arrr. Also, the page will now have dated sections for new development info and easy following
  • QORTector Update Guide page made (replaces the outdated “QORTector 3.0.4 Update Guide). This new page will not become obsolete, and will be updated as needed FYI

March 11th 2022

March 6th 2022

  • “Building Transactions” added to API Calls

March 1st 2022

February 28th 2022

February 21st 2022

February 20th 2022

February 7th 2022

February 4th 2022

January 31st 2022

January 29th 2022

January 27th 2022

  • Added information about how database trimming works and how to manually trim to Qortal Core
  • Added “Database Trimming” term to Qortal Glossary

January 25th 2022

January 11th 2022

January 9th 2022

  • Data Hosting Q & A page created with questions by Marracc answers by Cal and Oshmoun (as well as some Q&A that happened elsewhere)

December 29th 2021

December 23rd 2021

  • How to access your QORTector remotely guide has been added to the end of the QORTector Walkthrough page

December 8th 2021

December 6th 2021

December 5th 2021

  • 'Publications' sidebar category renamed to 'Media Related'
  • ‘How free web hosting will work’ subsection added to Qortal 101 page
  • Name Registration and how it works with Qortal verses existing domains, has been added and explained at the end of the page: QORT Data Hosting Model
  • ‘Additional Info’ subsection has two paragraphs added at the end on Future Modifications page; minimum 1 core expected to run the JAR; you can run the JAR with or without an account
  • QORT coin recovery after core version 2.1 with ‘sleeping’ trade ATs requires cancel request to trigger refund: Trade Portal Coin Recovery

December 4th 2021

  • Sponsorship Questionnaire page made. Totally optional for sponsors to use of.
  • Wiki navigation sidebar has been updated: 'Introduction' category created, 'How-To Guides' category reorganized, 'QORT Publications' category created, and 'Third-Party Services' category created.
  • ‘Problem’ subsection has been updated to include what Cal shared with us today on the Future Modifications page


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