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Developer: Ido

Qnect is our upcoming cross platform chat app! For Android, Linux and Windows this app will be available as a native build, which means the packages are built specifically for each of those platforms and will not be dependent on or require any additional software to run. It has not yet been decided if the Android version will be available through the Play store or as an unofficial apk.

Qnect will also be made available as a web app that can run on all devices (including iPhone and Mac). The web app can be opened in a web browser by going to the Qnect website and in most cases can be installed to your home screen or desktop as a progressive web app. It will probably also be possible to run your own local HTTP server and install the app on that server. This still needs to be tested and all scenarios need to be considered before deciding whether this is a viable option but it is within the realm of possibilities.

Please go to the Qnect page to learn more!

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