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Qortal Translations

There have been many people helping to contribute translations for the Qortal Core and UI. While this is greatly appreciated, it can also cause delays with development, as any newly added text must also be translated into various languages. If anyone would like to volunteer to assist with this regularly, please let us know.

There are three (3) language files for the Qortal Core here:

There are also two (2) language files for the Qortal UI here:

Current Translations

Language Core UI Translator
Chinese YES YES
Croatian YES YES
Dutch YES NO
English YES YES
Estonian NO YES
Finnish YES NO
French YES YES
German YES YES
Hindi NO YES
Hungarian YES YES
Italian YES YES
Japanese YES YES
Korean YES YES
Norwegian NO YES
Polish YES YES
Portuguese NO YES
Romanian YES YES
Russian YES YES
Serbian NO YES
Spanish YES YES
Swedish YES NO
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