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Attention Sponsors (Level 5+)

We must all work as a team to build a community of authentic people. Of course it will never be fool-proof, but we can certainly work together towards a greater goal. Qortal is so much more than mining another cryptocurrency or another 'crypto' project. Our platform is intended to rebuild systems including the Internet and crypto space at large! The picture to be painted, is that Qortal will be capable of allowing the world to finally come together for real information, conversations, and systems. Eventually this will include mesh network and satellite bridging solutions as an internet service solution. The people behind each node on our network can play a special role: Becoming A Minter

Becoming a minter is not required to use the Qortal Network. Minting is optional for anyone interested in using more resources on their computers to help strengthen the immutable ledger. Furthermore, minters earn the ability to take part in our voting system once that goes live: Voting System Overview

51% attacks and gaming of our minting system are two types of malicious attacks that blockchains face. It's important to note that Qortal's ledger is extremely secure and that is because of the people who run a node(s) on our network and How Qortal’s Consensus Works. The majority of us do not have any malicious intent and are the majority who keep the ledger immutable. A '51 percent attack' is when the majority of nodes on the network are operated with malicious intent to cause hacks and thefts. We feel confident about the current state of Qortal's minter base with respect to securing the immutable ledger. The risk is always there though, for a level 5+ account to self sponsor and/or empower others to join them with malicious intent. As long as we stay ahead of the curve and put a little effort into how we sponsor newcomers, the 51%+ side remains in our hands indefinitely (not the bad actors'). This is exactly why Qortal was launched with Founders and QORA Forgers able to sponsor others. Founders and QORA Forgers were expected to be vested into the project, with so much appreciation for QORA getting rebuilt into what is now Qortal! This vested interest would hopefully indicate genuine intent and commitment to making Qortal a success. Overall this foundational concept came true, but there have been a few bad actors on the network who came from the original minting-enabled lineup at Genesis. The reality is that we currently have some bad actors on the network who 'self sponsor' and/or sell sponsorships for profit. Both are totally against The Qortal Credo and Fundamental Principles.

Qortal's DevTeam is well aware of the bad actors and development is underway to launch a governance system to combat the gaming. The Self Sponsor Governance page will have a breakdown of this system once implemented. This is why Qortal's Sponsorship System is so important. As sponsors, we are expected to sponsor real people who express more interest than simply mining another coin, as that only leads to more money-driven than sovereign-driven within our minter base. Folks like that can work a little harder to study the platform and seek sponsorship, hopefully gaining a little more appreciation for the platform than solely mining coin. Our local wallets and Trade Portal are really valuable tools for the crypto enthusiast. Who doesn't love the idea of P2P encrypted chat Q-Chat? How about hosting your own website from home with no reliance on third parties or DNS? Any ideas for radical crypto projects that should be built on Qortal rather than subpar platforms like Ethereum? A new Internet that's censorship free? These are the kind of things we should probe for, to spark creativity and passion.

We need all the help we can get if Qortal is to become a worldwide sensation and solution for putting the power back into the people's hands. Together we are the chain. So let's work on building a community of nodes whose account owners are here for the right reasons. By the way, Qortal's algorithm combats the likeliness of a 51% attack by adding more weight to block signing by higher leveled accounts. Nonetheless, please take your sponsorship ability seriously! The Sponsorship Questionnaire was made for sponsors to use if they'd like, or maybe it will spark your own version of an on-boarding process for newcomers.

The Interviews/Podcasts page has links to all the videos we have, and surely worth sharing!

We also have the Qortal Overview PowerPoint!

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