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Attention Sponsors (Level 5+)

We must all work as a team and family to build a community of authentic people. Qortal is so much more than mining a coin in a revolutionary new way which aims to correct the flaws of Satoshi's white paper in this regard and SO MUCH MORE! Qortal is infrastructure for a true decentralization that is community-driven, with zero Dev Team censorship control, a fair economic model for individual sovereignty, infrastructure for a new Internet, infrastructure for third-party ethical blockchain projects to be built, etc. The picture to be painted, is that Qortal will be capable of allowing the world to finally come together for real information, conversations, and systems.

We need all the help we can get if Qortal is to truly become a worldwide sensation and solution for putting the power back into the people's hands. It is extremely important that we sponsor those who are not just here to mine coin! They should be quizzed and verified to have an understanding of Qortal's big picture and how minting is simply a reward for helping support the chain. Especially when there are more qualified people eager to become minter. We now have a decent FAQ section amongst other articles here which everyone should study. Together we are the chain. So let's work on building up a community of nodes whose account owners are here for the right reasons. Especially during the project's infancy phase, the chain is the most vulnerable although, fortunately, Qortal's algorithm combats the likeliness of a 51% attack by adding more weight to block signing by higher leveled accounts.

Please take your sponsorship ability seriously!

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