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Regenerating The Minting Key

Once you reach level 1 (after 7200 blocks minted) you can simply click the 'START MINTING' button as seen below to automatically generate your new key and be added to Node Management. If you ever replace your core, you will need to add your key back to Node Management.:

You should then see that you're minting next to the block height in bottom left of UI.

Original Process of Regenerating The Minting Key

Please note: this is the original process which is still possible. This guide is for level 1+ accounts who have minted previously and need to regenerate their minting key to add to Node Management (meaning you already have generated your own reward share key in the past after reaching level 1). If you have not been sponsored or haven’t minted yet after reaching level 1, go to the Becoming A Minter page.

1. Open the UI.

2. Click on ‘REWARD SHARE’ on the left navigation column:

3. Click the settings toggle at the top right of the UI, and copy your public key (not your address).

4. Click ‘CREATE REWARD SHARE’ right underneath the settings Toggle at the top right of the UI:

5. Paste your public key into the box that comes up, do not change anything else, click ‘add’:

6. A new window will pop up with a new key, right click on it and copy that key before completing this step. This is your minting key (as seen in first image below). Click 'DECLINE’ as this key is already in Reward Share (disregard the error message if one is displayed after clicking to decline):

7. Then click on 'Node Management' on the left navigation column.


9. Right-click to paste the key - you can also paste by 'Cntrl' and 'V' keys. Click add. You should see “Minting Node Added Successfully!” (as seen in third image below).

Here is a single image guide for the steps above:

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